Market Research Methodes

Our approach to research rests on three principles:


First, without sound data, any kind of analysis will be flawed. That’s why we devote so much attention to data collection, making sure, for example, that only relevant respondents participate in our studies, and that they truly represent the target groups in question.


Second, to be useful, the analysis must be clear and to-the-point. We won’t try to talk you into paying for CHAID analysis, for example, unless we’re confident that it will add value to the research and you and your internal clients are comfortable with the results.


Finally, at Focus Worldwide, we realize that the real value of market research lies in applying knowledge to issues your organization needs to address. It is a competitive advantage for our clients, and inspires us to deliver “tomorrow’s answers today.”

We work with our clients to design and manage market research projects using the following methodologies:





For certain projects, it is beneficial to conduct in-depth, lengthy interviews with respondents. In-depth interviews typically employ open-ended discussion guides as opposed to using a more structured questionnaire or survey. These can be administered in-person, or by telephone.
This method is especially helpful if visual concepts need to be presented, such as:

• creative comps
• story boards
• product prototypes
In-depth interviews are also ideal for uncovering the thinking and logic individual consumers use when making decisions about particular products or services.


Focus groups are a commonly used method of qualitative research and a great way to obtain a deeper understanding of key issues. Focus groups allow researchers to capture opinions of participants in a unique setting. Options include in-person, online, or by telephone.
Clients are encouraged to monitor the sessions live, although video and audio recordings are readily available. Focus groups are also used to explore issues in preparation for large, quantitative studies. Participants help identify the colloquial language necessary to garner accurate information during the more extensive data collection effort.
The groups are led by an unbiased, independent moderator who follows a discussion guide which has been designed to explore particular issues regarding the objectives of the research.
Focus Worldwide has an experienced moderator who has the ability to keep a group focused while following the most productive lines of questioning.
He will engage the group to build on themes raised in the discussions, provided the discussions continue to address the objectives of the research.
Finally, participants’ comments or suggestions are collected and analyzed and recommendations are made based on the insights produced by the study.

Getting Started…

We typically recruit a highly selective group of customers – we shoot for a group of 12 with the expectation that 8 to 10 will show up. Participants are recruited using a screener to reflect specific characteristics of the selected market.


Mini groups are essentially small focus groups.
• We typically recruit groups of 6 to 8 with the expectation that 4 to 7 will show up.
The smaller size enables more time for individual exploration, explanation, and brainstorming. In addition, small groups enable clients to investigate additional segments without the expense of full focus groups.



Telephone interviewing is an effective method to:

• Reach a large number of people in a short time-frame
• Obtain a broad sample
• Facilitate additional probing by interviewers

It is also particularly effective for conducting unaided/aided awareness studies.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

Whether telephoning a random or selected sample of respondents, Focus Worldwide uses Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) to administer surveys.
CATI is a research tool that enables quota control and monitoring, and produces higher quality data. The system initially randomly selects the individuals to be surveyed and then automatically schedules and reminds interviewers of callbacks. Every telephone interview conforms to the same standards.
• CATI permits probing for verbatims on any question, minimizes non-response bias and self-selection bias, and always prompts the interviewer to ask the correct question (based on the previous answer given).

• Information from questions can be inserted into later questions to personalize the interview and produce more accurate and richer data. The system helps interviewers build a rapport with respondents and obtain higher cooperation. Lastly, because responses are immediately logged electronically, quotas and top line results can be checked instantly.

• Other features include randomizing individual or sets of questions and long lists of ratings. Price points for concepts can also be presented randomly.


Web surveys have become a viable and cost effective method for reaching potential respondents for survey projects, especially if they are clients/customers of a company, employees, or members of an organization.
Respondents are invited to participate in web-based surveys via an e-mail message or upon visiting a website. Web surveys can be password protected or not.
This method is a very efficient way of reaching a large population in a short time frame. In addition, follow-up e-mail reminders are a cost-effective way to increase participation.
At Focus Worldwide, all of our online research work (programming, email broadcasting, and web hosting), is managed in-house.
And all our web surveys include:

• A rich set of features
• Many navigational enhancements
• A fully customizable look and feel


Mailing surveys is an effective way to reach potential respondents.
With this method, questionnaires are mailed to a random or selected sample of a population with the goal of receiving back a high percentage of completed surveys.
Typically, this method is less expensive than telephone surveys. To improve response rates, Focus Worldwide uses incentives, reminders, and postage-paid business reply envelopes, among other tools.


Onsite surveys are used effectively at trade shows, conferences, and other venues where you have enough respondent traffic to provide you with the feedback you are looking for. We can administer these types of interviews in a way that traditional paper and pencil fall short.

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

Focus Worldwide utilizes Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) to administer onsite surveys.
CAPI is a research tool that utilizes stand-alone laptops. Surveys can either be conducted one-on-one by a professional interviewer, or be self-administered.
CAPI probes for open-ended questions, minimizes non-response bias, and always prompts the respondent with the correct question (based on the previous answer given).
Plus, information from questions can be inserted into later questions to personalize the interview and produce more accurate and richer data. Because responses are immediately logged electronically, quotas and top-line results can be checked instantly.


Focus Worldwide provides a custom Field and Tab (data collection) service for clients who primarily need data collection and data processing assistance. A typical Field and Tab project has the following stages:

1. Survey & Sample: A client delivers the sample (or sampling requirements) and survey (draft or completed).

2. Prepare for Data Collection: We finalize the materials and prepare the sample (obtained or provided) for data collection.

3. Data Collection: We manage all data collection (telephone, web, or mail) keeping our clients informed with regular updates.

4. Data Processing: Once we’ve reached the required quotas, we process the data for analysis (code, enter open-end codes, clean the data set). We develop and deliver a full set of response frequencies and cross-tabulations to your specifications.

5. Ongoing Support: We’re available for ongoing support (additional analysis, reporting, or interpretation).

So, for projects where you need just a little bit of market research consulting with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy, Focus Worldwide is here for you.


Data entry services provide assistance with the time consuming process of entering paper-based research responses into an electronic format.
Our standards for data entry are as high as they get. For each response you receive, we hand code open-ended questions and double-enter all of the data.
Our double-entry method delivers 100% verification, so you can be sure that the data is error-free. And error-free data is the foundation of reliable and valid research that you can have confidence in applying to decision making.
Focus Worldwide can provide you with a data file in whatever format you like – SPSS, Excel, ASCII, etc.